Marriage & Relationship Coaching with
Ayize & Aiyana Ma'at 
Helping Individuals & Couples Dig Out Of The Most Difficult Issues & Create The Relationship They Deserve!
Private Relationship Coaching 
Our services are for individuals and couples who are experiencing difficulty and disconnect and deeply want to "get unstuck" and move forward in their relationship as well as those who feel their relationship needs a tune up. Our work is with both individuals (that's right--both people aren't required to begin the process of doing relationship work) and couples and is distinctly and uniquely designed to zero in on the issues that you bring and thoroughly equip each partner with what they need to overcome barriers, increase intimacy and create the relationship they deserve.

As trained professionals and as a husband & wife team, you can rest assured that you will receive a balanced approach through our unique relationship coaching process. We have been there, gone through & now teach what we live & know. We will provide you with step by step guidance, 
support & accountability for the issues that you're experiencing.

Here's Just Some Examples Of The Kinds Of Help We Provide...
  •  Help With Chronic Defeating Communication Patterns
  • ​Pre-Marital Work
  • A Process For Increasing Trust In One Another & The Possibilities That Exist For Your Relationship
  •  Help For Infidelity & The Residual Impact Of Betrayal
  •  Help For Issues Of Overwhelm & Unbalanced Partnership/Responsibilities
  •  Help For Issues Around Emotional Disconnect & Distance
  • Clarity On How To Approach, Deal With, & Resolve Unmet Expectations
  •  Help For Issues Around Sexual Problems & Intimacy
  •    ....and so much more
We Specialize In Helping Couples Dig Out Of Difficulty.
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Relationship  Coaching 
STEP 1: If Needed, Schedule A Consult To Learn More About Our Services
**A Consult is complementary, optional and 10-15 minutes. 
It allows for you to learn more about what the Coaching process entails and ask any questions you may have.
STEP 2: Initial Exploratory Session
*You must engage in an initial session if you have not worked with us in the past 3 months so we can conduct a comprehensive assessment.*
Read Our FAQ's Below & Reach Out To Us If You Have Additional Questions
You May Also Email Or Call Our Office At
Frequently Asked Questions
How do we move forward with beginning Individual or Couples Coaching?
Before any program is started we must start with an Initial Exploratory Session so that we can complete a comprehensive assessment. You are considered booked once the deposit has been submitted.You may make this payment by booking an Initial Exploratory Session above now. You will receive an online intake form and participant confirmation via email once this payment has been received. When booking and making payment you will be able to select your date for the Initial Exploratory Session electronically based on our calendar. 
How do I know if Individual or Couples Coaching is right for me?
Here’s some more about the issues that individuals and couples who benefit from coaching may be experiencing:

Typically they refer to themselves as being stuck, at a crossroads moment or in crisis in their relationship
They may report feeling disconnected from one another and "unattached"
They have lost or are experiencing decreased physical and sexual intimacy
One or both partners may be uncertain about the future of the relationship
There are issues around trust
There are communication challenges
Someone feels that they need support in expressing their true feelings
Sometimes there has been a recent disclosure of infidelity
There has been infidelity in the past, but their efforts to deal with the devastation of that haven’t been successful
There are deep issues that they feel need major focus and support to deal with
At least one partner wants to take the time to really focus on your relationship---contrary to popular belief both partners don't have to be "ready" to get started. One partner is sufficient to start your work.

How does payment work? 
To book an Initial Exploratory Session a 25% deposit is required to reserve the session. Initial impressions and a recommendation regarding future/ongoing work will be made at the conclusion of the session.
Where do sessions take place?

 Online via our HIPAA compliant, secure and encrypted platform.

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